Things to Do In Boston

Boston - One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Most people, when they think of Boston will be familiar with this phrase associated with Paul Revere's Ride to warn the colonists that the "British are Coming!" But Boston is the 'Cradle of Liberty' and much, much more! It's the Hub, the Athens of America, the Shining City on a Hill, and the City of Higher Learning.  It's Beantown!

You might know that Boston has a harbor - yes, that's where we dumped the tea; a large river, the Charles, that can't be described as 'Dirty Water' any longer; a new and iconic bridge, the Leonard P. Zakim, Bunker Hill Bridge - part of the Big Dig Project to improve the traffic flow and a major league ball park, Fenway Park - home of the Boston Red Sox.

If you've never visited before, you may not know that the Boston area has 65 colleges, universities, conservatories and seminaries. You may not be aware that along with Seafood - note to self - eat lobster, lobster roll, clam chowder while in town - Boston is famous for the North End or "Little Italy", a conclave of old world and nouveau Italian fare. During the summer, streets shut down for the various religious festivals filled with music, food and more food!  We also have a very large Asian neighborhood or Chinatown marked by the famous Chinatown gate that was a gift from the Taiwanese government in 1982. Among the businesses in the district are numerous restaurants offering authentic Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, bakeries and markets. Chinatown has its share of festivals, the most famous being the "August Moon Festival."  And did I mention the plethora of great Irish Pubs, high end steakhouses and of course, seafood!

You may not have heard about Quincy Marketplace, a 5 acre spot right in the heart of downtown and part of the Freedom Trail. With original buildings that are 250 years old - including Faneuil Hall - there are 50 shops, 14 restaurants and 40 food court stalls, pubs and music venues.  It's a great place to see outdoor performances or just people watch from the numerous benches scattered about the tree-lined walkways.

Being a multi-cultural city, there is an abundance of ethic restaurants, art displays from around the world, street celebrations and parades - too many great places to explore and that's just within the city.  A day trip away will introduce you to New Hampshire, with it's quaint countryside homes and mountain vistas; Maine, and and its breathtaking ocean panoramas; and Rhode Island, famous for the America's Cup Sailboat races, picturesque yacht studded harbor and the Summer Cottages of the Rich and Famous during the Gilded Age of America.


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