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Boston in August

Posted by GLBoston on July 29, 2016


Boston Seafood Festival 8/7/2016

Madonna Della Cava8/12-8/14/2016

India Day8/14/2016

Dine Out Boston 8/14-8/19/2016 & 8/21-8/26/2016

Fisherman’s Feast   8/18-8/21/2016

August Moon Festival8/21/2016

St. Anthony’s Feast8/26-8/29/2016

Red Sox @ Fenway Park(Month-long)

(Yankees, Diamondbacks, Royals, and Rays)

August means the second half of an all-too-short summer are here in Boston, and you’ll want to be spending most of your time outside, enjoying the glorious weather and delicious food at some of this month’s many festivals and activities. The best part about August in Boston? It’s hard to say, because you’re simply spoiled for choices, like reveling in the infectious energy of the Red Sox, in the midst of another late-season hot streak at Fenway Park, or enjoying the boisterous processions and street-side rawbars during one of the colorful Italian festivals and delicious feasts that will be setting up in the North End, almost every weekend this month.

First up, it’s one of the month’s foodie-friendly events, the Boston Seafood Festival, happening down at the Fish Pier in Boston’s Seaport District on August 7th. Featuring events like competitive oyster shucking, fish-cutting, and of course, sampling seafood specialties--we’re sure there will be lobstah and chowdah galore--from chefs across the city, this an unmissable local event, cherishing of some our region’s proudest traditions.

As we said, while there’s pretty much an Italian-American religious feast & procession happening every weekend from mid-July through August, we do have a few favorites, beginning with the Madonna Della Cava Feast. The feasting, processions, and parades take place from August 12th-August 14th.


The following weekend brings another spectacular though lesser known cultural event, India Day, taking place down at the Hatch Shell on Sunday, August 14th. Full of live traditional & modern musicians and dance troupes from across the Indian Sub-continent and local talent from the Indian American community here in Boston--and of course, food vendors representing some of the city’s best restaurants--this vibrant and colorful festival is simply not to be missed. Try some spicy chaatand chai while watching local punjabi bhangraperformers bring the house down!

It may be clear now that you’re going to eat well here in August, but hey, we take summer pretty seriously here in Beantown, because who knows when the next winter of ‘15 will happen, and we’ll need all of those calories as we’re holed-up inside our homes, huddling for warmth or shoveling out parking spots after yet another blizzard. And with that in mind, we welcome Part 2 of this year’s Dine Out Bostonor, “The event Formerly Known as Restaurant Week, August 14th through 19th and 21st-26th, where you can catch spectacular, seasonal lunch and dinner deals at some of the city’s hottest eateries--and there are a LOT of new spots on the block, to be sure.

The star attraction of August, however, is undoubtedly the old world spectacle, the Fisherman’s Feast, a tradition brought from the shores of Siciliato Boston’s proudly Italian North End, combining a blessing of ships, a plethora of pop-up street-side raw bars and restaurant outpost stalls; you can mangiare to your heart’s content, catch free live music and...witness the flying angels? You’ll just have to see for yourself, August 18th through August 21st.4-use-2234-1.jpg

This year, the Chinese Holiday known as the Mid Autumn Festival or August Moon Festivalfalls on August 21st--and you won’t want to miss this Quincy festival, featuring traditional street performances, dragon & lion dances, and more tasty food vendors! The Boston area has seen a spike in the number of food trucks slinging street treats from the Middle Kingdom, so be on the lookout for grilled meats skewers and more--and don’t forget to grab some mooncakes! From Boston, it’s a simple hop on the Red Line to North Quincy Station, where the festivities will begin in the station parking lot, at about 11am on Sunday.IMGP4405.JPG

On August 26th through the 29th, we have St. Anthony's Feast, the last--and the largest--of the North End’s cultural/religious festivals, and, like all of the others, you won’t want to miss it. Up to 100 food stalls, marching bands, and stages featuring a variety of musical performances (you may catch one or two crooners’ renditions of Volare Cantare and That’s Amore, we promise) are crammed into this Italian-American enclave for its signature event--part religious procession, part block-party, and completely fun.

And, last but not least--sports fans, do yourself a favor and head to Fenway Park to root for Papi as he makes some of his last home stands. Slugger David Ortiz is supposedly about to enter retirement--possibly in a month or two--but the man is still playing at his peak. Catch the Red Sox as they head towards another playoff run, barring any major collapse [as Boston, fans we’ve learned to take nothing for granted], when they take on the Yankees, Diamondbacks, Royals, and Rays, at historic Fenway Park. And in keeping with the August’s food-centered spirit, don’t forget try a famous Fenway Frank--enjoy these hot dog days while they last!

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